Vivint Home Security

Vivint does a great job in proving top-notch home security services to clients across the United States. It takes pride in combing the convenience of smart home automation and round the clock professional home security monitoring.

What makes Vivint Home Security better than other companies?

    • It gives clients the ability to customize their home security system.
    • It comes with smart home offerings.
    • Vivint’s home security equipment is portable and wireless (wireless system).
    • You can easily connect the home security system to your phone.
  • Clients may opt for a month-to-month contract.
  • Vivint home security equipment is top-notch and definitely on the high-end range.


The Vivint’s home security system is going to cost you more when compared with other companies. However, the company does not mind at all for as long they provide top-notch products and services to its clients. With Vivint, you get what you pay for. After all, it is your home security that is at stake and you surely want only the best. Vivint offers two payment options: Vivint Flex Pay and pay the equipment upfront.

  • Vivint Flex Pay – This is the contract route in which you are going to pay the cost of equipment and monthly monitoring fee for a period of 42 or 60 months.
  • No contract option – You are going to buy the equipment upfront or from another source and you will only be charged the monthly monitoring fee.

Note: If you are looking for a cheap home security service, then Vivint is not the answer. Vivint is a luxury home security brand committed to giving you top-notch home security experience. It is for people who want a complete home security customization to take home security to the next level.

  • Tech and Equipment

Wireless and Z-wave function – Vivint design most of its equipment. It does not employ a third-party distributor. The devices are wireless and use Z-wave function. Since they are wireless, you can transport them anywhere. In the event that you transfer home, you can bring your home security equipment with you. Other plus points are the wireless equipment which makes configuration easy.

You don’t need to create giant craters in the walls.
100% cellular – Vivint home security is 100% cellular; a breakthrough in the home security system. It makes home security more secure and effective.
Professional installation – Vivint does professional home security installation to make sure that your security system is set up properly.

  • Control Panel

Vivint has the most advanced and user-friendly control panel. It comes with the innovative SkyControl Panel; the very first of its kind to offer a built-in two-way voice communication. It also comes with a Smart Home Panel that acts as a smart home hub, which has the ability to support a total of six cameras. It lets you set up all the cameras you need without eating up all your bandwidth.

  • Sky Mobile App

This application lets you track your home anytime of the day, even if you are not at home. Using the application, you can check the live video feed from your home security camera. You can also arm and disarm the alarm system straight from your phone.

Vivint Home Security is top of the line of its kind. Although it is a bit expensive than the market competitors, you will surely get top-notch home security features and state of the art home security equipment. Vivint is a luxury home security brand and takes pride in providing only the best products and services to its clients.

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