Vivint is the leading smart home service provider in Canada and the United States. It started in the business in 1999 by Keith Nellesen and Todd Pedersen. They were the founder of APX Alarm Security Solutions in Provo, Utah; a company that sells and installs a security system. It was rebranded as Vivint in February 2011. Vivint was acquired by the Blackstone Group in 2012 for $2 billion. Up until today, Vivint continues to provide top-notch products and services to over 1.4 million customers in Canada and the United States.

Vivint is available for residential clients and available in four different packages – solar energy, home automation/smart home, energy management, and home security.

#1 – Solar Energy
Vivint offers a solar energy package, which consists of solar panels, micro-inverters, a net meter, and includes all the necessary wiring. Vivint Solar is a standalone company launched by Vivint in 2011. As the name suggests, the company is a solar electricity provider that expertly designs, installs, and maintains a photovoltaic system for residential clients.

Vivint offers solar panels via a power purchase agreement. What does it mean? This means that customers need to buy the solar energy panel produce by Vivint and in return, the company installs and maintains the solar panels. There are other companies that provide solar panels but what set Vivint apart from the rest is its micro-inverter for every separate solar panel. This ensures maximum production when other panels are in the shade. Vivint Solar made its first public offering on the New York Stock Exchange under VSLR ticker symbol in October 2014.

#2 – Vivint Home Security
It is the company’s most basic offering and its purpose is to safeguard your home from intrusion. It specializes in smart technology combining wireless equipment and comprehensive security with fire prevention monitoring and protection from other environmental hazards. It provides automation support giving clients remote home access such as door locks, lighting, and thermostat. Each security system is installed by professionals.

Vivint Home Security features include the following:

  • Wireless and cellular
  • Protection from intrusion
  • Professional installation
  • Remote access/control
  • Environmental protection

To avail Vivint’s home security features, you will be required to purchase the equipment in ala carte or set package. The ala carte option is best for people who want to fully customize their home security.

One of the best features of Vivint Home Security is that it added an extra level of security through cellular connection – the Vivint SkyControl panel. Using this feature, you can arm and disarm your system and control what equipment you choose. You can also input user codes, watch live video feeds, and a two-way talk, which is helpful in the event that you accidentally trigger the alarm. Vivint also comes with the Sky App; a mobile application available in both Google Play and Apple. What this app does is it lets you have better control of the SkyControl panel. Using this app, you can remotely access your home security system. You can control who gets in and out of your home even if you are from afar.

#3 – Vivint Smart Home
Vivint’s Smart Home features provide an integrated smart home system with in-home consultation, installation, and support along with round the clock customer care and monitoring. Smart Home redefines home experience with brilliant products and services. Vivint Smart Home is all about feature-rich home security installed by professionals. This made Vivint a leader in home automation.

To remain true to its promise to turn your home from ordinary to smart, Vivint’s alarm equipment has integration with an expansive suite of top-notch third-party home devices like state of the art cameras, door locks, and video doorbells. The equipment is something you can’t find elsewhere as it is manufactured in-house. Hence, the price is more expensive when compared with others. You need not worry though as Vivint offers an installment plan.

Vivint Smart Home is managed from Vivint Smart Hub color touch-screen panel and through the Vivint Smart Home mobile app. The wall-mounted panel comes with a simple user interface so you can easily navigate through the menus. Using the panel, you can arm, disarm, bypass sensors, and control home security devices such a door locks, cameras, doorbells, and garage doors. It comes with a four-digit pin, which you need to enter every time you make changes in your home security features.

Another smart feature is the always ready two-way talk connection with the monitoring service. The purpose of this is to prevent a false alarm from escalating to an unnecessary visit from the authorities (police and fire department). What makes this feature even smarter is the ability to come up with unique user codes for every family member and people that need access to your home. You can create unique user codes for up to 48 users.
Vivint Smart Home can also be on your smartphone or tablet. By geolocating your device, the Smart Home system an easily locate your location. The app has a remote function, which will enable you to access your system wherever you are. More so, the app also provides remote notifications and a two-way talk through the doorbell camera or indoor camera.

#4 – Vivint Alarm System

Vivint alarm system has come a long way. From being a standalone security company, it now offers other services like internet and solar energy. It was in 2015 when Vivint became the first security company to use camera doorbell, which further advances the company’s home security features.

Vivint alarm system does not only protect you and your home from intruders but also to other hazards like water, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Vivint employs state of the art sensors and alert systems to warn you once it detects potential dangers.

Vivint Home Alarm System consists of various parts – control panel, sensors, alarms, cameras, detectors, and the likes. These components are installed in various parts of the home such as doors, windows, and anywhere else where security might be needed. Below are the components of Vivint Alarm System:

Control Panel – It is the central station of your entire home security system. Vivint home security control panel is built to last a lifetime and ensures that it functions just the way it supposed to. A poorly functioning control panel puts your family at risk.
Motion sensors and detectors – You will be notified in case motion is detected. Any unusual motion in and out of your house can be detected and you have the option to notify your family and the authority.
Camera – It plays a vital part in your home security system. A high-quality camera lets you see what is happening in real-time.

Yard signs – The front yard of your house will have a security sign, which is a great deterrent for intruders and burglars. If they try to break in your home, the alarm system will be triggered.
Smartphone access – You can access your alarm system and home security straight from your home. So, even if you are far away, you have full control over your home.

Smoke detectors – The dangers in your home are not only limited to intruders and burglars. Forgetfulness and clumsiness may lead to an accident such as leaving on a stove or a flat iron unattended, which may escalate into a fire. Vivint uses high-quality smoke detectors and connects them to your home automation system. When danger is detected, it will easily alarm the homeowner and the concerned authorities.

#5 – Vivint Security Camera
Vivint security cameras keep an eye on the things that matter the most. Vivint installs a security camera in your front door (doorbell camera). It combines two-way talk and HD video functions. With this feature, you will be able to keep an eye on your front door; plus, it comes with added features – night vision, smart visitor detection, smart clips, and an intuitive mobile application which will update you on any unusual activities outside your door.

Vivint security camera combines aesthetic and functions. You want your home to be safe and secure but at the same time inviting. Vivint uses state of the art camera in its understated form. The camera is sleek, which makes it a perfect addition to any home design. It is too small that intruders won’t be able to notice it. It masks the recording and video capability, which makes it an even more effective home security tool.

Vivint security camera has the following features:
HD resolution
Pan and zoom functions
Wide angle lenses
Vivint playback for 30 days of continuous video recording from up to four security cameras
High capacity storage
Flexible viewing options
Infrared night vision to give you a clear view of your home even at night-time.

Vivint Pricing

The company offers four different equipment packages as well as two professional monitoring plans. The pricing varies on what you get and how they work. As a customer, you have the option to add equipment to the bundles which will further increase the price.
1. Home security system bundle – it includes the SkyControl starter kit and smoke detector. The total price is $709.98 with a monthly flex pay cost of $11.83.
2. Video security bundle – It includes the SkyControl starter kit, doorbell camera, outdoor camera, and ping camera. The total cost is $1379.95 with a monthly flex pay cost of $23.
3. Smart Home Control Bundle – You will get a SkyControl starter kit, element thermostat, smart door lock, and smart garage controller. The total cost is $1049.95 with a monthly flex pay cost of $17.50.
4. Smart Complete Bundle – You will get the SkyControl Starter Kit, a doorbell camera, outdoor camera, ping camera, element thermostat, smart door lock, and smart garage controller. The total cost is $1789.92 with a monthly flex pay cost of $29.83.

Monthly Monitoring Price

The price for monthly monitoring is grouped into three – Smart Protect ($29.99/month), Smart Protect + Control ($39.99/month), and Smart Complete ($49.99). All three offers the following:
1. Round the clock monitoring
2. Application control
3. Tech support
4. Live service

Note: You can customize your home security features by adding the equipment of your choice. Note that there is a corresponding price for every equipment which ranges from $35 to $400.
Vivint Installation Fees
Installation fees are a one-time fee and are a must because all Vivint packages need to be installed professionally. The basic set up costs around $49.99 while complex installation can go as high as $199.99. Professional installation is a must to keep your home security system working properly.

Vivint Reviews

What do customers love about Vivint?


1. Top-notch home automation features – What sets Vivint apart from other home security companies is its top-notch home automation features. It markets itself as the home automation solution. It lets you fully automate your home security features and at the same time gives you full control of your security system even if you are far away. Aside from protection from burglars and intrusion, Vivint also protects you from fire. Not to mention, it enables you to control the thermostat of your home so as to promote energy efficiency. You can also live stream videos of your doorbell, lock and unlock doors, and added security features through applications like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Home.
2. No upfront payment – Many home security companies require an upfront fee before you can avail their home security service. With Vivint, you don’t need to pay an upfront fee, which makes it a more appealing choice to customers. Protecting your home does not need to be difficult and expensive as Vivint finds a way for you.
3. A wide array of security equipment – Vivint offers a variety of home security packages. On top of that, customers have the option to customize their home security system by adding their chosen security equipment. A due array of Vivint home security equipment includes doorbell camera, indoor camera, outdoor camera with night vision capability, smoke detectors, motion sensors, smart door locks, a panic pendant, garage door opener, smart light switches, and Vivint smartphone app, to name a few.
4. Versatile contracts – Customers can choose their desired contracts: monthly, 42-months, and 60-month. The many contract variations make Vivint a desirable choice.
5. Lifetime equipment warranty – Wireless equipment comes with a lifetime warranty on the repair of defective parts.
6. Round the clock professional monitoring – Professional monitoring is provided 24/7. Hence, you and your home are protected at any time of the day and night.

What they don’t like much about Vivint Home Security?

1. Steep monitoring fee – The monitoring fee for Vivint security varies per month. The basic rate is $39.99 but it may go beyond the basic fee depending on the type of monitoring package. Some people find it on the expensive side, especially when compared with other home security companies.
2. Lengthy contract – Those who opt for a five-year (60-month) home security contract get to enjoy the free installation. However, if you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of the contract, you need to still pay the remaining balance. Customers feel like they are forced to stay with the company against their will.
3. A moving fee may apply – If you move to another home and decide to bring the home security system with you, there will be a corresponding fee. This seems to be fair considering the fact that the company will uninstall and reinstall the home security features.

Overall, Vivint is a great home security company as it is jam-packed with all important features – quick event response, state of the art video doorbell, remote control access of door locks, cameras, sensors, and thermostat, and a responsive touch screen. It does come with lots of cloud storage too.

Customer Service

Vivint is dedicated and committed to providing the best customer service to its clients. Excellent customer service is one of its top priority. To make sure that the company will be able to offer a state of the art customer service to its client base, Vivint comes up with new training methods and technologies and continues to assist clients in all their needs – installation, servicing, and monitoring.

The company’s commitment to always put customers first has garnered recognition from some of the most prestigious customer service awards in the business. Vivint received the “Gold Level Gartner” award, Mobile Enterprise’s “Best in Field Service Award” and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Award. In 2011, Vivint received the Consumers Digest “Best Buy” rating for its full automation package and advanced security package.
Vivint takes all customer feedback seriously and uses it to further better their service. It treats its customer a valuable partner towards achieving excellence. Whether you are a new client or has been with the company for quite some time now rest assured that you will receive excellent customer service.